Infinity Smart Chair X3 Review



The Infinity SmartChair X3 distinguishes itself through its elegant and refined design, integrating state-of-the-art 3D/4D technology that stands as the pinnacle of the industry. Users have the flexibility to choose from five intensity levels and three unique 3D/4D auto programs. Designed with user convenience in mind, the chair comes with Bluetooth compatibility and can be seamlessly controlled via dedicated mobile apps compatible with both Apple and Android devices. Going the extra mile, the SmartChair X3 offers additional features such as lumbar heat, chromotherapy, soothing foot rollers, and a powerful deep tissue massage, delivering a comprehensive and opulent relaxation experience.


1. Zer Gravity

Harnessing the NASA-endorsed zero gravity position, the Infinity Smart Chair extends identical advantages for your well-being. Raising your legs above heart level improves circulation and lessens the gravitational impact on your spine and joints. Indulge in the feeling of weightlessness and experience the positive effects of spine decompression.

2. Optical Body Scanning Technology

In each massage program of the Infinity Smart Chair, the massage rollers smoothly travel up your back, creating a detailed map of your contours and curves. This capability allows the massage chair to tailor its massage precisely to your requirements and accommodate virtually every body shape. The rollers adeptly target all the key areas. The Smart Chair has perfected the use of Body Scan technology, a fundamental feature in contemporary massage chairs.

3. S-Style Massage Track

The S-Style massage track conforms to the inherent curvature of the human spine, guaranteeing maximum comfort. This configuration enables the roller to administer a consistently uniform massage across the entire back, targeting commonly neglected areas like the lower back and upper shoulders. When coupled with therapeutic heat, the result is a truly dreamlike experience.

4. Spinal Correction

Effective stretching techniques relieve spine compression, aiding it in reverting to the correct position. Ease the discomfort experienced after a long day and assist your spine in rediscovering its proper alignment.

5. Airbag Massage System

The Smart Chair strategically places airbags throughout the body, providing a compression massage for your hands, arms, legs, shoulders, calves, and feet. This airbag system works harmoniously with the back and foot rollers. With precise rhythmic inflation and deflation, the airbags replicate the sensation of a vigorous hand massage.

6. Four-Wheel Mechanism

The Smart Chair's massage roller integrates four heads that imitate the movement and tactile sensation of real human hands. It provides three levels of width adjustment for the massage rollers and six customizable speed levels. This sophisticated massage roller type is progressively becoming a standard element in almost every contemporary massage chair.

7. Waist Twist

As an alternative to spinal correction, consider the waist twist feature. Activated by the swiveling seat, this functionality laterally moves in a twisting motion, providing a stretch to the lower back and hip muscles. This movement aids in relieving tension in the lumbar region and hips, addressing lower back pain. You can effortlessly choose the ideal motion for your needs with a straightforward push of a button, thanks to the three adjustable speed levels.

8. Lumbar Heat

Effectively easing stiff muscles, heat therapy is integrated to specifically target the lumbar region. Nestled within the backrest, the heating modules focus on alleviating tension in the substantial muscle groups of this area. The synergy of heat with your back massage and stretch programs amplifies their effectiveness, notably enhancing the overall benefits associated with the massage.

9. Reflexology Foot Rollers

The built-in massage rollers in the footrest replicate the thumb and finger techniques found in reflexology. These rollers precisely target pressure points connected to your overall health, delivering an exceptional massage for some of the most active muscles you use every day. Combined with the calf air massage focusing on your lower legs and ankles, the overall experience will be truly blissful.

10. Intuitive Remote

The convenient remote ensures quick access to all the features required for customizing your massage, enabling you to focus on relaxation and savoring the advantages of this excellent massage chair. You can choose from four automatic massage programs and six distinct massage styles to tailor your experience.